Natalie James


Entrepreneur, mother of three, wife and self love advocate


Natalie James is a wife, mom of three, entrepreneur, owner and CEO of Toronto’s most exclusive blow dry bar - Vent Blow Dry Bar. 

With a lifelong love/hate relationship with her own hair, Natalie spent hours learning different techniques for taming her unruly hair. Through her experience she realized the impact hair has on our overall confidence and mood. 

As Natalie was approaching 40, she found herself evaluating her life. For more than 20 years Natalie had gained valuable experience throughout her long career in politics and not-for-profit, and was fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel and meet various people all across the province and country. Throughout this time, she felt most inspired by the stories of female entrepreneurs, for their sense of adventure and willingness to take risks. They were women from all walks of life who had a vision and were deeply driven by that vision to achieve great things.

Feeling unfulfilled by the predictability of her life path, Natalie set out to take a detour and leave the security of a good job to risk everything she and her husband had achieved for their family. She was determined to succeed and motivated to set an example for her two sons and daughter. Natalie’s desire for meaningful work and her desire to make an impact fuelled her drive to change her life and find ways to help other women along the way. 

In July of 2017, Vent Blow Dry Bar opened its first location in Liberty Village, Toronto. Vent quickly gained momentum and has welcomed thousands of clients from the GTA and visitors from all across the world. Clients who have experienced Vent’s unique approach to affordable luxury and exceptional customer service. 

Dedicated to providing outstanding experiences, Natalie believes in challenging her team at Vent to be the best in Toronto and promotes a workplace culture that treats her team members like family. She believes that the best way to achieve an outstanding customer experience is to treat her team members as Vent’s most important asset. 

Vent Blow Dry Bar mission is to fill the gap in the hair industry by providing an alternative to the full-service salon. It is a place where women can get a professional service in a unique atmosphere complete with high quality beautiful finishes. A space designed to save busy women time, empower them and build their confidence through a self-care experience unlike any other.

“Life is busy and full of appointments, we want our clients to come for an experience”.