Inside My Makeup Bag

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I have always had a passion for all things beauty and I'm definitely a sucker for the newest products to hit the market. But that being said I definitely have my favs, and although I might mix in a few new things now and then, there are some products that I will have a hard time letting go of.

Owning a salon, I repeatedly get asked about products and have often thought about having a class on how to properly apply the makeup we all carry around in our makeup bags. Although it is something I will likely do down the road, for now I thought I would just highlight what is in my makeup bag.

I should first start by saying that I have a few challenges that I need my makeup to address – I am 44 so as my Vent girls would say, I have "mature" skin. I also was challenged with a bout of adult acne a few years ago and as a result I have some scarring and dark pigmentation.


Some primers can cause your makeup to shift, so this is something I am very picky about. Tip: a little goes a long way! I personally love the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation

Primer. It goes on silky smooth and creates the perfect canvass for your makeup.


I have two different foundations that I use in rotation, both which I love for different reasons. Dermablend Flawless CreatorFoundation and IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+

The Dermablend foundation is light, yet has amazing coverage. Depending on your desired coverage, this product is buildable without looking caked on (not a good look for anyone, especially those of us with “mature” skin). Honestly it goes on like silk and will last throughout the entire day and night.

IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is my other go to foundation. This formulation is extremely lightweight, with full coverage and helps to hydrate, smooth the skin and enhance brightness (colour correcting). This product addresses all my skin concerns and is ideal for mature skin, providing the skin with many different ingredients to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and create a more radiant, flawless completion.


Again, I rotate between a few concealers, it really just comes down to preference and how much coverage (and what I am trying to covering up). IT Cosmetics has a few great concealer products, but my preference is the Perfect Lighting Highlighter, Colour Corrector & Concealer

For exactly the reasons listed in the name, this product not only conceals and corrects, it also highlights which helps to reduce hollowness in the face. Also loaded with anti-aging ingredients to make the skin glow.

My other go to concealer is Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Concealer, it comes in all shades and is great for covering up blemishes and some of my more difficult imperfections, we also use this with all our clients at Vent Blow Dry Bar.

Highlighter & Blush

I don’t use a lot of highlighter, but the one I use very sparingly is Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Face Highlighter. It is very light and applies just the right amount of shimmer and illumination, without fading or shifting, it stays put exactly where you want it.

For blush, I use Make Up For Ever. I have a pallet with different shades as I sometimes like something really soft for daytime and a brighter/ bolder one for night.

Brows & Lashes

The 90s were not good to my brows, over plucking has left me with some serious gaps in my arch! One of my absolute favourite products to help fill in my brows as well as my lashes, is EyEnvy Lash Conditioning Serum. In my opinion this is magic in a bottle!

I know there are a million and one different mascaras, but something my MUSs at Vent Blow Dry Bar taught be is you don’t need the most expensive one to achieve great lashes. So, what we use on client is what I use everyday,

L'Oréal Paris Voluminous Original.

To fill in my brows, I also love the extendable brow pencil from EyEnvy. It has the perfect precision tip to create the look of hair strokes resulting in a very natural look.


I have pretty good natural lashes, but when I want to go a little more glam I alway opt for the all natural lash glue from TruGlue. I have very sensitive eyes and this is the only lash glue I trust, its clean, safe and won't harm your eyes.


This time of year, has my lips screaming for moisture and the regular chapstick just doesn’t cut it. Recently I stumbled across Laneige Lip Sleep Mask and I can honestly say that it's life changing! I have this with me at all times and it's light enough that you can apply it under your lipstick.

As for lipstick, I have more than I care to admit, but the one I’m into at the moment is Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk. I have yet to try any of Charlotte’s other products, but I plan to soon very soon!

I hope this was helpful, and remember to have fun with your makeup. It doesn’t have to be complicated. And if you have products you love, I would love to hear about them in the comments below.

xo Natalie