My Story of Struggle, Anxiety and Shame

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I have something important to share. ⁣

As I document my path to entrepreneurship, I need to be authentic and fully transparent.⁣

I don’t want to create an illusion of anything other than the truth. The truth about my journey to where I am today and all the struggles in between.⁣

I want to be in full control of my story and not rely on the bits and pieces that get shared through interviews and podcasts.⁣

This is my story, one of struggle, anxiety and shame. But it is also my story of strength, grit and determination. I was born with a rare physical deformity that affects my body from the neck down. Being born this way has tested me in so many ways, both physically and mentally, and has been a factor that has impacted my life’s direction, my relationships and the way I think and act. ⁣

I have spent most of my life hiding it with clothing and by positioning my body to conceal it from the view of others. Only sharing my condition with close friends and extended family a few years ago. But as I have learned and witnessed the strength in other women who share their most personal challenges, I decided to share my story in the hope that other women may find inspiration and the will to chase their dreams as I am doing - not in spite of my biggest challenges, but by using them as a source of strength and drive.⁣

This is my story ...

xo Natalie

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