My Top Fav Podcasts

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Those who know me, know that I am a podcast junkie. 

I have gained valuable insights as a mother, entrepreneur and woman navigating all the things.

Starting my own podcast is on my bucket list, so in honour of #national podcast day I thought I would highlight some (not all) of my personal favs🎙  🎙 You can’t be a entrepreneur and not LOVE How I Built This with Guy Raz.  🎙 An amazing women with an amazing podcast - So Much More with Carol Elizabeth.  🎙The Here for Her Podcast with Natalie Gleba and Alexandra Rodi - I am here for all of what they’re giving out. Funny and insightful.  🎙 The Papaya Podcast with Sarah Nicole. Sarah needs no introduction, she is amazing in all respects. Warning ⚠️ have tissue nearby! 🎙 Visionary Life with Kelsey Reidl. Kelsey features amazing entrepreneurs who share their journey. So relatable! 🎙The Great Canadian Woman Podcast with Sarah Swain. Funny with amazing content, totally my jam 🙌 🎙 HERspective with Lauren McMullen and Jessica Lintlop. This is a fairly new show, but they are off to a great start with some really interesting guests 🙌  🎙 Bossy Women with Katie Bentz and Katie Steckly. A podcast dedicated to celebrating female entrepreneurs, loaded with advice, tips and inspiration. So good! I know there are endless goodies out there, so please feel free to send your favs my way.

xo Natalie

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