Selfish People Live Longer

You’ve all heard Nicki Minaj’s famous line in The Other Women, “selfish people live longer.”

Well we must agree to some extent. The importance of being selfish with your time and creating time to reconnect with your girlfriends is essential in your overall happiness and well-being. Unfortunately, with the busyness of today’s digital world, it is often difficult to not only find the time to be “selfish” but to justify it.

On a bright and sunny summer Sunday, eight women from across Toronto took two hours out of their day and had a wonderfully selfish morning at Vent Blow Dry Bar.

Moments after stepping into our space, the ladies were handed mimosas complete with organic, cold-pressed, Zen Orange Buda Juice. While sipping their morning cocktail, the ladies browsed through our style menu to pick from one of our eight blowout options. From straight and sleek to Hollywood waves, each lady found a style that fit their personality and mood that day.

The luxurious and relaxing scalp massage during their washes set the tone for the day. The busyness of the week disappeared with each motion of their temple massages. The smell of our rich Moroccanoil products filled the air as they were worked through from roots to ends, creating a clean canvas for styling.

With clean and nourished hair, the ladies rejoined at the bar for more mimosas and to begin their blowout. With our favourite rom-coms and upbeat music playing in the background, the ladies chatted and vented about their weeks over the quiet hum of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryers. With no mirrors to worry about, relaxing was the only thing on their minds (besides mimosas that is!).

Vent Blow Dry Bar, we aspire to have you feel as good as you look. Throughout the day, Buda Juice ginger shots were passed out for that extra immune system boost, as well as Nespresso coffee for that much-needed energy boost.

With each hairstyle complete and lady pampered, they were spun around to see the final product. The instant confidence of the ladies lit up the room and set the tone for not only their day, but their entire week.

Selfish doesn’t have to be a bad word. Most of the time when people refer to themselves as “selfish”, it actually means they are finally taking well-deserved time out for themselves. In our ever-busy society it can seem like selfishness is a negative trait but at Vent Blow Dry Bar, we recognize that there are very few times we can be selfish—but your blowout with your girlfriends at Vent can always be one of them.

xo Natalie