The Importance of Venting

Anything can set off a bad day—whether it’s your overbearing boss, running out of coffee or even something as simple as bad weather. When we bottle up our feelings and frustrations these little inconveniences can snowball into a bad weeks or months and eventually end in a breakdown. Venting is healthy.

Although it often has a negative stigma, characterized as something that promotes obsessivity and complaining, venting is proven to relieve stress and help resolve issues when done in the right environment with the right person. Vent Blow Dry Bar strives to be that pro-venting space for you and your closest friends to chat completely at ease and free to let out your frustrations.

The most effective way to be rid of negative emotions, is to talk about them. Talking about your stresses and anxieties can help you move on from problems more efficiently and in a healthy way. Explaining a past situation out loud can help clarify how you’re feeling about it. Then often times puts things into perspective. When emotions run high and there’s no outlet to unload onto, the body’s equilibrium becomes imbalanced and the neocortical function of the brain shuts down. This imbalance makes you feel confused and can create a distorted version of situations. Making it difficult to determine what really is upsetting you.

Keeping your feelings bottled up also negatively impacts your physical being; muscles can become extremely tense, causing poor sleep, cramping and chronic pain. Vocalizing your emotions releases them from the body and mind. Evoking an immediate rush of relief that relaxes muscles and eases mental strain. In the same way that exercise can help clear the mind. Emptying our brains can help the body to regain strength.

Talking to friends helps sort out your own emotions in a new way. Offering different perspectives and solutions you may have not previously considered. A supportive friend can offer you comfort and guidance in ways no one else can. Once you find a friend you can truly vent with, don’t let her go. Part therapist, part personal cheerleader, part silent listener, a good friend can help you through anything.

It’s our hope you can leave Vent Blow Dry Bar feeling totally refreshed—hair, thoughts and all.

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xo Natalie