The Woman Behind Vent Blow Dry Bar

What inspires you? For me, I am inspired by women who have a vision and who are driven by that vision to achieve great things.

Whether it be a business, a career, a passion for fitness or a calling to help others. As women we all had experiences through our lives that have left their mark. We can use those experiences to drive ourselves to accomplish things we may never have thought possible.

So what is it that has driven me to start my own business and push me everyday? My why! It’s what I go to when I need motivation and it’s what gives me that grit to keep pushing forward on those difficult days. What’s my why you might ask? Well, it is those life events and experience of course. Also two key things: my lifelong love/hate relationship with my hair and my dream of being a successful businesswomen.

My Why!

Since I can remember my hair has made me crazy. It has always been thick, curly and difficult to manage. When I was young, like many girls I wanted pin straight hair. I would sprawl my hair out on my mom’s ironing board and run a hot iron over it! Many years later after getting married, my family would often be ready waiting for me at the door to go out as I entered hour two of my hair styling regime. The thought of having a place where I could have my hair professionally done without paying salon prices and waiting days or weeks for an appointment excited me.

The second part of my why has been my dream of building my own business. I have always admired women who took the chance at opening their own business and built something in their image. Women who are driven, confident and dedicated to create a brand that reflected their why. Women who inspire and especially those who help other women to succeed. I always felt I could do this but until recently never had the opportunity.

I believe that through the creation of Vent Blow Dry Bar I have incorporated my why into every aspect of the business. To provide women (and men) with an option for hair care that is affordable, saves time and builds confidence. And if you’re going to be sitting in a salon for an hour – you deserve to sit in a luxurious one where you can enjoy a glass of wine and de-stress. I truly feel that as women we work hard and deserve to be pampered!

So what’s your why?

xo Natalie