Top Travel Necessities

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

In a few days I will be heading away on a much needed vacay with my husband and some friends. It’s going to be a short but sweet visit to the beautiful Bahamas. 

Since this is a trip for pleasure and not work, I thought I'd share some of my favourite travel necessities.

I'm a big believer in looking cute while you travel but I don't think it means you have to compromise on comfort.

Leggings are usually my go to for casual traveling because I can pair them with pretty much anything and they are the ultimate in comfort, but then I came across the most amazing brand and nothing beats them in the comfort department. Smash + Tess have a  super cute line of rompers that are to die for! I will be wearing my new two piece Play Set on this vacay travel day. They are lightweight, soft and kinda feel like your coziest pj’s ... you're welcome!

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Travel days can be long, waiting in lines and walking airports, so having good footwear is a must! I love my Adidas Ultra Boost kicks. They are honestly my dream shoe, light, supportive and breathable! Plus my kids think they are cool, so there’s that too!

As for accessories I like to travel with a couple must haves, first a good backpack with lots of space to hold all my things. Second is a great pair of shades, especially when I plan on spending all my time on the beach. Third, no beach vacation is complete without a great book. I am taking along Marie Forleo, Everything is Figureoutable, well because I have a few things to figure out on this little getaway and I love her! Lastly, is a reusable water bottle, when I travel I need to make sure to stay hydrated during long travel days and also good to throw in your bag for the beach.

I’m always looking for more efficient ways to travel, leave your tips in the comments below.

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xo Natalie