Unprecedented Time In A Global Pandemic

Today would have been the first day of a much-needed family vacation. We were planning to head south for some fun in the sun, but like many, we did the responsible thing and put those plans on hold.

As the news reports began to mount we grew increasingly concerned about the risks that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) was presenting not just to those around the world, but also right here at home.

We have learned from what has happened in other countries and the necessary steps needed to ensure the safety of ourselves, our family, the most vulnerable and the community at large. I believe it is up to everyone to do their part to flatten the curve.

As difficult as this time will be for all of those affected, with loss of work, closures of businesses and those whose health may be at risk we need to come together as communities to help those who need it most. We need to do our part by staying home to lessen the burden on our healthcare system and support our front-line workers as they do the hard work of beating this deadly virus.

For those of us who have the easy job of staying home, it is important to have a perspective of the big picture. I am taking this opportunity to pause and find gratitude for what I have. I am going to use this time to connect with my family and catch up on all the things I could never seem to find the time for. Remember all those times when you said: “if I only had more time”?

I am not discrediting how hard this is and the impact this global pandemic will have on people, businesses and our global economy, but I am choosing to take it one day at a time with positivity rather than panic.

Let’s be kind, spread love and have faith that everything will be okay.

xo Natalie