What is a Blowout?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

It’s not a stupid question. Blowout bars are a fairly new concept in Canada, and Vent Blow Dry Bar has taken that concept one step further by actually being a blowdry bar serving custom cocktails during your experience! 

A lot of clients come in unsure of what to expect, what to ask for, how long it takes, or what’s included. So, here is exactly what to expect during your first blowout experience at Vent Blow Dry Bar.




; an act or instance of blow-drying hair.

It was less than a decade ago when North America started seeing the first hair studios dedicated to only washes and styling — no cuts or colours. It became quickly obvious, there is a need among women (and men) for a hair refresh in between seeing their colourist. Vent Blow Dry Bar, took that need one step further.

Have you ever tried getting ready with a group of girls in a one-bathroom condo? Someone is going to get burned by the straightener and someone’s foundation bottle is going to be spilled. Vent provides the opportunity to chat with your girlfriends over a cocktail and leave the “getting ready” to the professionals.

Upon arriving for your blowout at Vent, your stylist will greet you in the front lounge and bring you to the bar, where you choose from our style and drink menu. You can choose from eight styles: voluminous curls, hollywood waves, simple updo, formal updo, sleek straight, classic straight, soft curls and tousled beachy curls. If you want something not on the menu, don’t be afraid to talk to your stylist! This is also when you can tell your stylist a little bit about your hair’s tendencies. Do you get a lot of frizz? Does your hair hold well? Do you hate products in your hair? We have different treatments and products for every hair type, help us find the right one for you!

Once you’ve chosen your style, you’ll be led around to the washing stations. At these modern washing stations, you don’t have to deal with your stylist’s sleeve hitting your face with every rinse. Your stylist will stand behind the sink and ensure the water temperature is to your liking. Enjoy a scalp massage or a soothing hair treatment from our Moroccanoil hair line.

After your wash, you’ll be led back to your bar seat where you can choose a beverage. We have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, including 10 Buda Juices. With your blowout, we offer complimentary Nespresso coffee, sparkling water and David’s Tea. Sip and enjoy the chick flick playing or chatting with your girlfriend as your stylist blowdrys your hair. At Vent Blow Dry Bar, we use Dyson Supersonic blow dryers that are extremely quiet. Unlike traditional hair salons, Vent’s chairs were designed to face the bar instead of the mirrors — we want you to enjoy, not stress about the progress!

Each blowout takes approximately an hour (depending on if you add on a hair treatment during the wash or how elaborate your updo might be). Once your stylist is finished the traditional blowout and style, feel free to add on a braid or finish up with extra-strength hairspray if your hair tends to fall out.

Time to turn the chair to see your beautiful blowout! Let your stylist know if you need any changes and finish enjoying your drink — there’s no rush!

For our clients who are first-time to blowouts, we are so excited — you’re going to be addicted! Blowouts offer that instant confidence you need on crappy Mondays or before a special occasion. Vent Blow Dry Bar aspires to slow your life down for an hour and give you (and your hair) an unforgettable experience. Life is full of appointments, come for the experience.

xo Natalie

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