What Is Old Is New Again

Back in the day, going to the salon was a social event that you wouldn’t dare miss out on.

Women would meet at the salon to fill each other in on the latest gossip, and it was imperative that you got the perfect roller set. That seems evident from the vintage photos that show how good of a time was had while sitting under the hood of a hair dryer! It was a ritual. Every week women got their hair washed, dried and styled perfectly. And that routine was on repeat.

Somewhere between then and now, we lost sight of the value of experiences, quality services, and products, and started looking for the quick fix or the “one stop shop”. Fruit markets, butcher shops, barbers and boutique beauty salons started to disappear as big box stores began to appeal to people who could get everything they needed in one location for a lower price. Convenience took the place of quality.

Over the last few years we have begun to see yet another shift, a shift back to the basics. Big box stores are becoming less attractive as people want clean, quality foods and memorable experiences. Its like the old saying … Jack of all trades, but master of none. The same holds true when it comes to personal care.

Vent blow dry bar is in a sense a modern reincarnation of the old beauty salon from the 50s and 60s with a little less hairspray and the addition of some cocktails. We have created a specialized service, in a beautiful setting where women can meet and enjoy their experience. We don’t intend to compete with the full service salon where women go for their cuts and colour, we hope to fill the gap in between where women can come and enjoy an affordable luxury while leaving feeling confident and beautiful.

Essentially it is a perfect storm where convenience, luxury, and affordability come together.

Life is full of appointments, come for an experience!

xo Natalie